Episode #2: Slenderman

Sorry for the wait but it has arrived! Episode #2 is about the mysterious Slenderman! We speak about the spook and his creepypasta lore! We go into how we first found out about Slenderman, his origins online, his appearance in Marble Hornets and other such media, and our theories and what he is and where he came from. We hope you enjoy freaking out with us and if you’re new to Slenderman: we’re sorry to ruin your future.

The “scariest Slenderman picture ever” as deemed by Mingo:

The second scary picture found by Mingo:

Recording Tonight

Tonight we’re going to record Episode #2 of the podcast. We’re gonna kick it off with a spooky beginning. Our topic will be Slenderman. We’ll delve into questions like “What is Slenderman?” “What does the lore represent?” and “Is Slenderman evil or an observer?”. I hope you join us on Tuesday when we upload our spooky encounter with the man of many tentacles!

Episode #1: Introduction

This is a quick overview of the premise of our podcast and its fabulously nerdy hosts!